Knifeprint Editor V2 The Time is NOW

02 Apr 2023

The Knifeprint team is proud to announce that our highly anticipated Knifeprint Editor V2 software has officially launched!

It’s been a long time coming, and we’re incredibly grateful for the knifemaking community’s ongoing support and patience – we can’t wait to see what you think of it.

Here’s what you can expect from the latest version of our leading cloud CAD design software for knifemakers of all kinds…

New Features

1. Select Tool

Change the width and height of the selected path whether its aspect ratio is maintained or not. With the select tool you can now move any path and drill hole, no need to switch tools.

2. Right-Click/Context Menu

  • Split a path by right-clicking on any segment/node
  • Manually set the diameter of any hole by right-clicking

3. Combine

Drag an open node to combine two open paths into one path.

4. Flip

Flip open paths vertically and horizontally – use with the Combine feature to create mirrored designs. You can find the flip function in the right-click/context menu.

5. Skeleton Tool

With improved functionality and performance, our Intelligent Snap feature has been enhanced to stand as the Skeleton tool.

6. Serration Tool

A brand-new tool for creating circular serrations of a specific diameter and spacing.

7. Bezier Tool

Press the Shift key while drawing a bezier path to create straight horizontal or vertical lines.

8. Layers

Create, edit and remove multiple layers from a single project – draw the elements of your blade in separate layers, view them in 3D isolation and waterjet cut layers separately or as one. You can view your projects layer by clicking the layer button on the right sidebar.

9. Project Naming

Name your projects for better management and control of your library.

10. Export to DXF

Improved compatibility of DXF files with a range of popular CAD software.

11. Pivot Tool

A brand-new tool to add pivot points to layers/parts and enjoy full movement around the pivot point – a particularly useful feature when designing folding knives.

12. Tablet Compatibility

Full functionality for users wishing to use Knifeprint Editor with a tablet. This feature is currently being tested and will be released in the next few weeks.

Amazing, right?

Make the Most of Editor V2

With so many new features to explore, what better way to ensure you make the most of Knifeprint Editor V2 than by attending one of our Knifeprint Masterclasses?

Our most accomplished knifemakers will host 90-minute livestreams in which they share the tips and tricks that have helped them become masters of their craft.

It’s going to be awesome, and the perfect way for our community to make the most out of our new and improved Editor V2 software!

The first Knifeprint Masterclass will be announced in April.

New Subscription Model

From the moment Editor V2 goes live, we will be adjusting the cost of our annual Knifeprint licences to $19.99USD (monthly) and $119.99 USD (annually).

This update is essential for maintaining a more complex infrastructure, keeping our powerful waterjet cutting service as affordable as possible, and additional continued business development.

Customers without an active subscription will enjoy a first-week 25% discount with an exclusive coupon. The discount will be applied to the first-billed month/year.

And remember – all $100+ waterjet cutting orders will unlock 2 months of Knifeprint Pro for free!

Editor V2 is now Live!
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Lifetime Subscription

Once Editor V2 goes live, we will be stopping our lifetime subscription option. If you are one of the lucky few who got a lifetime subscription, you can rest assured that you will have access to all our future updates and features.

Thank you for your support – our journey to new heights of knifemaking capability is only just beginning!

Waterjet Cutting Wonders

We’re continually advancing our leading waterjet cutting service and have some exciting announcements to come soon after our Editor V2 release.

New materials for waterjet cutting will include:

  • Layered Damascus
  • Elmax
  • X50CrMoV15
  • 90MnCrV8 (O2)
  • Green Canvas Micarta
  • Black Canvas Micarta

Our Editor V2 software features a popularly requested layer function that allows users to design both the blade and handle of their knives in a single project. This means that you can now create your custom knife designs with ease and precision, and order your blade to be waterjet cut in your favorite steel, while the handle can be cut using our widened range of materials, such as micarta. This new feature opens up a world of possibilities for knife makers, enabling you to bring your unique vision to life with greater efficiency and flexibility than ever before.

The Time is NOW!

We can’t wait to see the cutting-edge designs you wonderful lot dream up using Knifeprint Editor V2.

Remember to share your designs on r/Knifeprint – contributors may receive exclusive discount codes for our acclaimed waterjet cutting and other professional services!

Whether you’re an acclaimed artisan knifemaker, enthusiastic hobbyist or total newcomer, Knifeprint Editor V2 is all you need to design and receive waterjet cut blanks of your knives direct to your house or workshop.

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