Build A Bushcraft Knife Along WIth Craig From Knife Talk

20 Jan 2020

Join Build Along and learn how to design a bushcraft knife on the Knifeprint Editor.

Over the course of six weeks, Craig will walk you through the build process of a bushcraft knife made out of O1 steel. If you are a beginner knifemaker who wants to learn new things or an experienced one who wants to show off his skills now is the time join. Make sure to use the hashtag #KNIFETALKBA on your related posts, we love seeing what you make.

For those who don’t want to spend their time on an angle grinder cutting the blank out or like to be precise about the blank’s dimensions, we have a special offer on the Build Along design. Use the promo code “KNIFETALKBA” at checkout to get 35% discount on O1-4mm steel. The discount is only available for that particular design and will be applied on the PayPal invoice.

For more information check Craig’s youtube video bellow:

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