Introducing "Forged Down Under": A Celebration of Australian Bladesmithing

17 Aug 2023

We are thrilled to announce our sponsorship of a brand new YouTube show, "Forged Down Under". This exciting series is a tribute to the art and craft of bladesmithing, showcasing the incredible talent within Australia's knife making and blacksmithing community.

About the Show

"Forged Down Under" is filmed in Queensland, Australia, at the Savage Custom Creative workshop—a space specializing in knife making and blacksmithing classes. The show was created with the aim of inspiring more people to engage with this captivating hobby and to make the industry more friendly and collaborative.

A Unique Format

Each episode of "Forged Down Under" is divided into two parts—Part 1 & Part 2. Every episode features a theme and consists of three rounds. Contestants are given a challenge in Round 1 that they must complete by Round 2. The combined scores from both rounds determine who advances to Round 3, where a new and more advanced challenge awaits. The victor of Round 3 is crowned a "Forged Down Under" champion.

What sets "Forged Down Under" apart is its emphasis on creativity. Contestants are given a theme, but how they interpret that theme is entirely up to them. This approach encourages a fluid and entertaining dynamic, as contestants navigate the balance between creativity and complexity within a time-constrained environment.

A Thoughtful Judging Process

The judging in "Forged Down Under" is meticulous and fair. In Round 1, contestants are judged based on a rubric covering three categories, with a 1-5 points scale per category, per judge. Round 2 introduces a more complex rubric consisting of five categories. This structure allows contestants to strategize, whether that means aiming for high points in specific categories or seeking a consistent average across all areas.

Our Involvement

As sponsors of "Forged Down Under", we are proud to support a platform that celebrates the artistry and skill of bladesmithing. We believe in the mission of the show—to ignite a passion for bladesmithing in viewers and to foster a sense of community and collaboration among enthusiasts.

Join the Adventure

We invite you to join us in this exciting journey and tune in to "Forged Down Under". Whether you are a seasoned bladesmith, a curious hobbyist, or someone with an appreciation for craftsmanship, this show has something for everyone.

Watch the latest episode here and let us know what you think!

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