Knifeprint Editor v2 is Almost Here

15 Jan 2023

Knifemakers around the world, rejoice!

The Knifeprint team is proud to announce the launch of our v2 Editor software. The latest version builds on the success of our CAD knife-designing platform with a host of new features geared to make your knifemaking experience sharper than ever.

Whether you’re an acclaimed artisan knifemaker, enthusiastic hobbyist or total newcomer, Knifeprint Editor v2 is all you need to design and receive waterjet cut blanks of your knives direct to your house or workshop.

We’ve packed our v2 Editor to the brim with awesome new features – just take a look:

New Features

1. Select Tool

Change the width and height of the selected path whether its aspect ratio is maintained or not

2. Right-Click/Context Menu

a. Split a path by right-clicking on any segment/node

b. Manually set the diameter of any hole by right-clicking

3. Combine

Drag an open node to combine two open paths into one path

4. Flip

Flip open paths vertically and horizontally – use with the Combine feature to create mirrored designs

5. Skeleton Tool

With improved functionality and performance, our Intelligent Snap feature has been enhanced to stand as the Skeleton tool

6. Serration Tool

A brand-new tool for creating circular serrations of a specific diameter and spacing

7. Bezier Tool

Press the Shift key while drawing a Bezier path to create straight horizontal or vertical lines

8. Layers

Create, edit and remove multiple layers from a single project – draw the elements of your blade in separate layers, view them in 3D isolation and waterjet cut layers separately or as one

9. Project Naming

Equip your projects with public names and private names visible only to you

10. Export to DXF

Improved compatibility of DXF files with a range of popular CAD software

11. Pivot Tool

A brand-new tool to add pivot points to layers/parts and enjoy full movement around the pivot point – a particularly useful feature when designing folding knives

12. Tablet Compatibility

Full functionality for users wishing to use Knifeprint Editor with a tablet

New Subscription Model

Right up to the official Knifeprint Editor v2 release, you can still purchase the annual Knifeprint licence at our current price of $55.20.

Beyond v2 release, our annual Knifeprint licence will be repriced at $119.99 – essential for maintaining a more complex infrastructure, keeping our powerful waterjet cutting service as affordable as possible, and additional continued business development.

In addition, we're also going to have a monthly license option available at $18.99, giving more flexibility and options to our users.

Lifetime Subscription

We will also release a NEW lifetime licence priced at $200.

Users who previously purchased a lifetime licence will have access to Knifeprint Editor v2, as will users with an active annual licence.

Users who have bought an annual license in the past will have access to an exclusive discount for the lifetime license of 55$.

Editor V2 will be available in:
days, hours, minutes, seconds
Buy Now

Waterjet Cutting Offer

We will be providing a FREE 4-month Knifeprint Pro licence to all users who place waterjet cutting orders of a $100+ value.

Whether you’re an accomplished professional or are just starting to get more serious about knifemaking, our exclusive Waterjet Cutting offer provides an awesome alternative to paying for a Knifeprint subscription.

The more you cut, the more incredible our offer grows - so why not start enjoying it today?

Stay Informed

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Until next time, stay sharp!

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