Knifeprint Editor v2 is Coming

21 Nov 2022

After 3 years of successful operation, we are almost ready to reveal the new version of our Knifeprint Editor!

What’s New?

Knifeprint Editor v2 addresses many of the requests received by our valued users as we continue to deliver the world’s most accessible and actionable cloud-based knife-designing platform.

Knifeprint Editor v2 will feature improved tools and layer functionality, providing knifemakers around the world with complete control over every aspect of their designs - including the ability to design multiple parts of a knife on the same project!

We can’t wait to reveal every exciting new feature that will appear in Knifeprint Editor v2 - so keep your eyes peeled for the official announcement.

In the meantime, check out the below video that dives deeper into our v2 functionality and reveals some of the layers that make up the new iteration of our standard-setting CAD knife-designing platform!

When Can I Try It Out?

Knifeprint Editor v2 will be officially announced on 2023/1/15! Whether you’re an artisan knifemaker, enthusiastic hobbyist or total newcomer, there’s no better way to design your custom knives and receive them directly to your door.

Stay Informed

Be first to hear about the v2 Knifeprint Editor (and every other exciting Knifeprint update) by joining us on our official Reddit Community where we will be sharing teasers of new functions and much, much more.

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Until next time, stay sharp!

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