New Episode Premiere - Knifeprint Masterclass Series - Episode 3 - Serrations, jimping and skeletonizing

26 May 2023

Dear Knifemakers,

We're excited to announce the next chapter in our Knifeprint Masterclass Series. Episode 3 premieres tomorrow on YouTube, and we're ready to dive into more advanced tools in the Knifeprint Editor.

In this episode, Denis Terrell from Tyrell Knifeworks will guide you through creating a camp knife from scratch, and introducing more features on the left toolbar. You'll learn to add intricate details to your design, like serrations and jimping. Also, get a first-hand demonstration on the skeletonize feature to add a unique touch to your knife handles.

What's more, Denis will be present during the premiere to answer any questions you may have in real-time. This is your chance to interact directly with the expert and get insights that can greatly enhance your knife-making skills.

Don't miss out on this valuable opportunity. Subscribe to the Tyrell Knifeworks YouTube channel, and get ready to tune in for the premiere. You can access the premiere through this link: Join the Premiere.

See you tomorrow!

Stay sharp!


The Knifeprint Team

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