Waterjet Cutting

Our Path to Providing Waterjet Cutting

15 Oct 2022

As you know, Knifeprint provides a knife-designing CAD software for knifemakers of all kinds to advance their craft.

From existing artisan knifemakers and experienced hobbyists to total newcomers to the hobby, Knifeprint delivers unparalleled accessibility, performance and practicality within a product much-needed by the knifemaking community.

It’s been a fantastic run with over 26,000 satisfied users worldwide and counting – now, we’re turning things up a notch.

Where it all Started

In 2017, the Knifeprint team made a post on Edgematters, one of the most popular knifemaking online forums.

Just a small team of college students with big ideas, it was here that we first shared news of Knifeprint Editor, a super-simple design software for knifemakers that we had already been developing for over a year.

We provided alpha keys to a small collection of members, who responded with invaluable testing feedback as we continued to perfect our platform.

We also detailed our goal to couple our accessible and powerful web application with a waterjet cutting service that Knifeprint users could use to have their designs cut and posted directly to them.

Now, almost six years later, we are proud to be launching our core use concept behind our much-loved Knifeprint software… And we couldn’t have done it without all the support from knifemakers all around the world!

Waterjet Cutting by Knifeprint

For the last 3 years, we’ve offered laser cutting, a service enjoyed by our users for its affordable pricing and fantastic results.

Now, Knifeprint now offers the same cutting service (and at the same competitive price) with our powerful and precise waterjet cutting machine.

We have always been focused on offering waterjet cutting as it produces no HAZ(Heat-Affected Zone), which enables us to provide even higher quality blanks without affecting the steel used in cutting your design!

And don’t forget, our waterjet cutting can also be used for cutting handle designs from materials including micarta, carbon fiber and G10…

Simply head to your Knifeprint account to select a finished design or create a new one then submit it for a waterjet cutting quote.

Shoutout to our Valued Community!

Thank you for your continued support – we’re thrilled to finally provide the waterjet cutting service around which we designed the Knifeprint software, and can’t wait to cut your designs for you.

To show our excitement, we have a SPECIAL PROMOTION!

When we first announced our waterjet cutting service last month, we offered a 30% coupon code for orders above $300.

Now, we are keeping the offers going with a new deal available to all users until the end of November: 25% off all orders above $200 plus FREE shipping!

There’s no better time to enjoy a fantastic saving on our thrilling new waterjet cutting capability!

Simply add the coupon code ‘WATERJET25’ at our site checkout to benefit from this brilliant bargain today.

Until next time, stay sharp!

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