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Error 500

This might be a compatibility issue with your current browser(Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge etc.). Knifeprint Editor is developed and optimised primarily for Google Chrome. We recommend using Google Chrome for the smoothest experience. Apart from Chrome, other Chromium based browsers(e.g. Brave, Opera) can be used.

If you encounter issues, make sure you disable any extensions that might be blocking cookies or other features of your browser. These might interfere with the operation of the site.

If you are still getting Error 500 please delete all cookies for Knifeprint by following the steps bellow:

  1. Visit and Click the Lock icon next to the URL
  2. Click on ‘Cookies’
    How to remove knifeprint cookies step 1
  3. Select and remove both and
    How to remove knifeprint cookies step 2

Misaligned path highlights

Misaligned path highlighting on editor

This issue has been reported to occur on higher resolution monitors with DPI scaling enabled through the operating system. We are working to fix this.

A current workaround is to resize the browser window with the Knifeprint Editor open.

Misaligned path highlighting on editor

If you still encounter issues feel free to send us an email at [email protected]